Reddit Censors Links to Celebrity Photo Hack

/ 3 years ago

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In a controversial move, Reddit’s CEO Yishan Wong offered a blog post explaining as to why the company rarely takes down “morally objectionable or otherwise inappropriate” subreddits – all whilst the site took down /r/TheFappening and related subreddits that pointed towards the recent celebrity photo hack.

Since going live with the statement, Mr Wong updated the post adding:

Those two events occurring together have created great confusion. That is: we put up a blog post explaining why we don’t ban things for reason X (which some people want us to, but we will not), but at the same time behavior in a subreddit started violating reason Y (a pre-existing and valid rule for which we do ban things) and we banned it, resulting in much confusion.

Following the move, a news thread about the topic quickly rose to the frontpage – offering an inside look at the reaction from the sites users – many of which saw the multiple subreddit takedowns as hypocritical and conflicting. Users noted that over the span of the material being posted, reddit site traffic increased dramatically – on top of donations coined “reddit gold” to users who posted in the aligned threads. It’s been a week since the leaks, with other highly controversial material available through the site – bringing concern to surrounding factors behind the takedowns beyond that of DCMA takedown notices. It would seem there’s still some explaining left to do behind the censorship from the company.

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