Redesigned Xbox One Might be Coming Sooner Than Imagined

/ 3 years ago

xbox one photo

The poor Xbox One, its bulky body and square edges drawing unfavourable comparisons to a VCR, could be set for a slim, sleek facelift, and soon.

Though the current design of Microsoft’s console was absolutely practical – it allows greater airflow to prevent overheating and the larger internal components reduce risk of system failure, like the farcical ‘red ring of death’ that toppled many early Xbox 360 models – it takes up a lot of space, and isn’t the most attractive console on the market.

Microsoft seems to be taking these criticisms on board, but is likely to be influenced by more technological factors, including 4K video support – Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt revealed at CES 2015 that both Microsoft and Sony would be releasing new iterations of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to support ultra HD content – and Microsoft’s AR headset, the HoloLens.

Slim console iterations usually follow around five years after its progenitor’s release, but reports suggest that the new Xbox One could arrive this year, only two years after its launch.

Source: Bidness Etc

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