Reports Say NSA Still In The Dark About What Snowden Took

/ 5 years ago


An NBC report, citing sources within the intelligence community, has stated that the NSA is still trying to figure out exactly what Edward Snowden managed to take from the NSA in terms of leaked/stolen documents. Apparently the NSA had poor internal security policies which is why Edward Snowden was able to take and access everything he did, but we knew that already. The main new information is that the NSA’s internal audit to try and figure out what exactly happened isn’t really going anywhere fast and the NSA still aren’t quite sure what he managed to take.

General Keith Alexander of the NSA has already claimed to the media he knows what Edward Snowden took and that it was a lot, but this new report would suggest otherwise. NSA staff have said that when Keith Alexander said yes the NSA knew what Snowden actually took this translates into they know what he took in a general sense – or in other words they lack any specifics. Quite frankly whether you believe the NSA or not the American public are right to doubt whether they should believe anything the NSA even say after NSA staff have admitted lying to congress and continually tell “half truth-half lies” information to the public and media.

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