Researcher Hacked Apple Dev Site To Show Flaws

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A researcher from London has claimed that he hacked the Apple Developer site to prove a point about flaws in their security and that his attack wasn’t malicious, although the site remains shutdown after much sensitive information was apparently taken from their servers last week, which has forced them to rethink their security and Apple are still in the process of getting the service ready for redeployment.

The attack happened last Thursday, although it took apple three days to announce why the site was taken off-line while they investigated the damage done. This came at a tough time for Apple as many developers are busy testing apps for iOS 7 which is set to launch later this year and Apple had to make sure everything was safe as there was a fear that financial information could have been breached, fortunately it wasn’t and if the London based researcher is to be believed, nothing was truly “stolen” either.

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While Apple haven’t officially revealed anything about the attacker, security analyst Graham Cluley noted that London-based researcher Ibrahim Balic had claimed responsibility for the hack to show Apple how insecure their system were. “Balic protests that he found the security hole in Apple’s Development Center, and sent details and screenshots of it to Apple via its online bug reporter,” Cluley said on his blog, noting that he did download 100,000 users’ details first to prove the flaw.

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