Retail i7 4770K Reaches 7068MHz With MSI Z87 XPower

/ 4 years ago


While people have complained that the new Haswell processors just aren’t good overclockers, the “Overclocking Knights” have taken a retail sample of the Core i7 4770K to beyond 7GHz, 7068.52MHz to be exact. All previous leading results had been set by engineering samples of Intel CPUs that are “cherry picked” to ensure their highest overclockability. The motherboard used was MSI’s Z87 XPower while the RAM used was a simple 2GB module from ADATA kept at a modest DDR3-820MHz. Cooling was quite obviously done with LN2 and no the voltage read out in the CPU-Z validation is not accurate!

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Despite its impressiveness this record still falls short of the current number one of 7084.32MHz set by coolice. You can check out the current rankings here.

Image courtesy of MSI (CanardPC)

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  • Aidan Warner

    Why is it only dual-core?

    • Ryan Swedine

      When people set out for OC records, they generally only enable 1 or 2 cores to reach such extreme speeds…

  • Aidan Warner

    And why use 32-bit?

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