RGB Version of Alphacool Eislicht LED Strip Now Available

/ 3 months ago

RGB Version of Alphacool Eislicht LED Strip Now Available

It appears that the RGB LED version of the Alphacool Eislicht LED strip is now available online. Not surprisingly, it goes by the name Alphacool Eislicht RGB LED panel. The original version only came with a single color type, available in white, blue, red or green.

Unlike typical LED strips with pointed, individual LED lights, the Alphacool Eislicht is an elegant solution with an evenly distributed LED illumination. It took cues from TV panel backlighting technology. The Alphacool Eislicht does not rely on diffusion to uniformly distribute the light so it maintains its brightness.

Like the non-RGB Eislicht, the new panel has magnetic screws that easily attaches inside any steel case. For enclosures that are of acrylic or aluminum construction, the company also provides double-side adhesive strips for horizontal panel installation. It measures 312 x 39 x 9mm and has a black aluminium frame. The panel does not come with its own hardware controller. This means users would need to plug the male RGB LED plug to something like a motherboard to use.

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Pricing and Availability

The Eislicht RGB LED panel is available directly from Alphacool.com or via their partners Aquatuning.de or ModMyMods.com in the US. It has an MSRP of €29.95 with VAT.

RGB Version of Alphacool Eislicht LED Strip Now Available

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