Rise of the Tomb Raider Not Coming to PC & PS4 for a Year!

/ 3 years ago

Rise of The Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the latest addition to the archaeological adventure series and looks set to remain an Xbox One exclusive for some time. Microsoft’s message has been extremely vague which caused speculation about the exclusivity period and doubts if it would even end up on PlayStation 4 or PC. The developer, Crystal Dynamics caused a stir and left consumers bemused after announcing the unexpected partnership with Microsoft. Tomb Raider 2013’s reboot was estimated to have set a staggering budget of nearly $100 million. Given the amount of sales required to produce a profit, it seems bizarre to limit the potential number of sold units. While the franchise is often perceived as a Sony property, it is historically a multiplatform release. The original games, developed by Core Design consisted of the PlayStation 1, Sega Saturn and PC versions. Although, it’s difficult to argue that the series gained notoriety on the PlayStation 1.

YouTube channel, The Know claim to have reliable, insider sources suggesting that the PS4 version will arrive eventually but in Q4 2016. To appease the disgruntled PS4 owners, the price point will be reduced to $40 but I doubt this will have any effect if the release date is correct. Given the age of the Xbox One edition by Q4 2016, it will probably be cheaper than the PlayStation 4 launch price.

No details have been divulged about the PC release which could be delayed to coincide with the Xbox One’s timed exclusivity deal. However, Microsoft is pushing for a more unified ethos and trying to combine mobile, PC and Xbox into one ecosystem. If Microsoft wants to take PC Gaming seriously, then the PC should be given parity. Whatever the case, Rise of the Tomb Raider looks sublime and I naively hope exclusives become an outdated and unfashionable concept in the new few years.

Please note the source video below can get obnoxiously loud so headphone users might want to proceed with caution.

Let us know if you would buy an Xbox One just to play Rise of the Tomb Raider on release.

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2 Responses to “Rise of the Tomb Raider Not Coming to PC & PS4 for a Year!”
  1. MenaceRx says:

    Better late then never, but MS must have written them some check for the Studio to forgo all the sales they would have gotten up front considering how well the last one sold. This move can only cost the studio money and fans. Most will forget about it by that time since many AAA titles will have been out by then and this old game will be a back burner for many. Just a bad move all around since the game was available on all platforms with the first release.

    • eatducksoupHugh Jarvis says:

      I’ll play it when it’s finally out on PC but, unless they do something amazing with it to bring it back in line with current releases at the time, I won’t be paying full whack for it.

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