Rising Thunder Is an Upcoming Free to Play PC Fighting Game

/ 3 years ago

rising thunder game

Fighting games hold a very special place in my heart because they basically introduced me to the gaming world. I still remember the first time I played Mortal Kombat and how much fun I had sharing a keyboard over it with my friends. Things have evolved quite a bit over the years, and instead of sharing a keyboard we can now play our favorite fighting games online while clutching a well-designed controller.

If you know anything about fighting games, then you’re probably acquainted with the Evolution Championship Series, which crowned its new champions not too long ago. Even though this year’s event is over, the team behind EVO is working on a promising new project called Rising Thunder – a free to play PC fighting game that aims to change the way we look at these games for good. Rising Thunder is being designed specifically with online play in mind, which is why its developers are working hard to optimize the netcode for it. Furthermore, the game won’t feature any complicated combos or abilities but will instead be based on cooldowns. Seth Killian, the man behind Rising Thunder, described the title’s main set of principles in a Tweet.

Have a look at the following gameplay video, and if you’re interested in trying out the game for yourself, you can go ahead and submit an alpha application.

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