Roccat Kone Pure and EMP Gaming Mice Revealed at CES 2017

/ 1 year ago


Roccat impressed us earlier with their new LEADR gaming mouse, which features their stunning new Owl-Eye sensor, a custom Pixart 3361 made exclusively for Roccat. Now we see that they’re improving the rest of the already impressive Roccat gaming mouse range with the same 12,000 DPI sensor! First up, the 88g Roccat Kone Pure, which is designed for those who have smaller hands or simply prefer a smaller mouse, no doubt a fine choice for twitchy shooting games like CS:GO.



The one I’m most excited about however is the Kone EMP, a re-tooling of the Kone XTD, which is designed for those with larger hands with its slightly oversized ergonomics. As someone who has wider hands, and long fingers, this is still one of my favourite mice. To see this mouse make more of a comeback and get that lovely new sensor is fantastic news.

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We look forward to putting both of these new mice through their paces very soon, especially so we can see how good this Owl-Eye sensor really is!

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