Roccat releases the Taito mouse pad in various sizes

/ 6 years ago

The German-based PC gaming devices manufacturer, Roccat Studios, has today announced their legendary best-selling mouse pad, the Taito Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad, now released in various size and thickness.

With the availability of new thicness, the gamers can choose between 3mm and 5mm depending on their preference and the amount of hand pressure during play. The Taito mouse pad can also be chosen based on he desktop, each pad provides a form fit on most playing surfaces, compensating for unevenness on a gamer’s desk and delivering uninterrupted gliding.

The new size also allows the gamers to chose their mouse pad according to their style and the amount of movements. Players with a lower DPI will appreciate the King-Size mouse pad with 455 x 370 mm of open space,  while players with lower DPI will find the Mini to fit their needs with just 265 x 210 mm. Players in between the categories will have just enough with the Mid-Size mouse, providing 400 x 320 mm.

“The Taito has long been a favorite with gamers,” says René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and CEO. “We’ve received a tremendous amount of thanks over the years from players who’ve said the Taito has made their gaming infinitely better and much more fun. And that’s what it’s all about. So we decided it was time to expand the line and offer players even more. We’ve taken a gaming phenomenon and pushed it even further. We can’t wait for the reaction from fans.”

Also included with the Taito is the famous signature feature: the unique “heat-blasted Nano Matrix” gaming surface that delivers maximum gliding speed in all directions along with optimal control. Moreover, the surface also works with any mouse sensor.

A non-slip rubberized backing provides stability to avoid losing control, try as you want, your palm won’t move the pad anyplace. The ruggedized structure of the mouse pad, on the other hand, gives it a robust design built for hours of gaming sessions.

Available now are the 3mm thick versions only, all three Mini-Size, Mid-Size and King-Size are available for the respective price of €9.99, €14.99 and €19.99.

The 5mm version will also see the light of day although not until the end of the month for the price of €12.99, €17.99 and €22.99 (Mini, Mid, King).


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