Rockstar Irritates Its Fans Even More By Removing Almost 200 Cars From GTA Online

Rockstar Games recently released the San Andreas Mercenaries update for GTA Online which brought new vehicles, jobs and activities but has also shot the community clean in the face specifically the car community.

Rockstar Removes Almost 200 Cars From GTA Online

It is no secret that Rockstar has employed some dodgy tactics to get people to purchase Shark Cards but their most recent dodgy move looks to do even worse. In the experience improvements coming to GTA online newswire one of the lines under “vehicle updates” stated “Lesser-used vehicles will be removed from in-game websites to streamline the browsing experience. These vehicles will be made available via events showrooms, The Lucky Wheel, and other places.” This change as revealed by the recent update has removed almost 200 vehicles from the in-game websites with the excuse of the websites being too cluttered. Digital Car Addict, a popular and genuine GTA YouTuber who focuses on GTA’s car culture, has released a video that covers all of the vehicles that have been removed in more detail.

A Scummy Move From Rockstar

So for a start let’s look at some of the vehicles that have been removed that are classified as “lesser used”. The Entity XF and Comet are two cars back from 2013 that have been removed, both fairly iconic from the early days of GTA Online. The Tigon from only a few DLCs ago has been removed, it’s a car I quite like but is bizarre because it is so recent. Even worse the bikes category has had 25 bikes removed, I didn’t even think there were 25 bikes to remove in the first place. The claim that this is to declutter the websites is also a load of rubbish. If the website was the issue then redesigning the website is the obvious choice and it’s not hard if you’re raking in the kind of cash that GTA brings in but of course, the real reason brings in more money.

Of course, let’s look at the real scummy reason why this has been done. As mentioned in the newswire these vehicles will be available through the lucky wheel meaning you have to wait for the one you want and also the showrooms meaning you also again have to wait for the one you want. The final and worst location is the Vinewood Car Club which is exclusive to GTA+ members and is a subscription only available on the next-gen consoles so PC players can just go and cry I guess. If you want to buy yourself an older car that you’d only care about if you are a car person, well you gotta give Rockstar more of your hard-earned money and if you’re a PC user you’ve gotta get yourself a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S and then give Rockstar more money for another version of GTA V.

What a joke.

Jakob Aylesbury

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