Royal Revolt II Heading To iOS & Android Devices Next Month

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Flaregames has just announced that their long awaited mobile game Royal Revolt II: King vs. King is nearing release. Royal Revolt is easily one of the greatest free-to-play games ever made in my opinion, it’s got a huge amount of content and lots of great gameplay that really set it apart from the crowd, so to hear that the second game in the series is so close to release is very pleasing news. The game is about to enter closed beta this week and the release date has been set as February 27, 2014 for iOS smartphones and tablets. The game is to set ship worldwide in 15 languages and as was the case with the original, it will be a free download. The Android version will follow a week after the iOS release, with extra content to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Google Play.

Like its predecessor, Royal Revolt II brings new momentum to the Tower Defence genre. Royal Revolt! reversed the tower defense genre by putting players in the role of the attacker instead of defender. The successor also brings a unique innovation to the genre. For the first time, players take on both roles, attacking and defending. Following their last game, great 3D graphics are back again and players can now set up their own castles and build extensive defences with walls, traps and powerful towers. All this can be easily created with a few touches using the new intuitive construction mode.

“Royal Revolt II is shaping up to become the unique strategy game we hoped it would become. We are super excited and can’t wait to see the battle starting. We have taken our time to build the best possible experience for our millions of Royal Revolt fans. On top of this, we already have a long list for more content and new features to extend the whole gaming experience.“ said Pete Walentin, Managing Director of developer Keen Flare, flaregames’ Frankfurt studio.

We are really looking forward to playing this one next month, and ideally for me its just a week before I have to make a long journey, so this should be great for killing time on the trip. If you’ve never checked out Royal Revolt, I high recommend you head over to the iOS App Store or the Play Store and give it a go, it’s free!

Thank you Flaregames for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Flaregames.

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  1. Skidmarks says:

    Thanks for the heads up but I’d rather leave playing games on consoles and mobiles to the kiddies.

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