Royole X VR Home Cinema Headset @ CES 2016

/ 2 years ago


CES 2016: Tired of not having enough privacy for your home cinema viewing? The latest headset from Royole gives you your own private screen to watch through the rather large, although surprisingly lightweight and comfortable headset. This isn’t VR, this is a fixed screen that at first glance looks a little small, but when your eyes adjust you realise the screen is super clear and sharp, and it’s amazing how much detail we could make out while watching Furious 7. The only downside, you look a bit silly, but when you’re lost in your favourite movie, you won’t really care.



The headphones are quite large, but the offer a good amount of support and the sound is certainly impressive. Thick bass, amazing clarity and more, pretty much everything you would expect from audiophile grade hardware.



This is a lovely bit of kit, but there is a downside, the headset will set you back $699, which is around the same price as a 4KTV and a set of surround sound speakers, so who is really going to use this remains to be seen. Would you buy one?

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