RPCS3 – Skate 3, Dante’s Inferno, and More Tested!

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The PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 is going from strength to strength. Recently, we heard they got the stunning Okami up and running in a very playable state. Now we’ve more good news, as it looks like the team has got the extremely fantastic Skate 3 working. There are some graphical problems, and it maybe could run a little faster. However, the meat and bones of it are working, and that’s usually a sign that it’ll be brushed up to a presentable standard fairly quickly.

For me, Skate 3 is a big deal. It’s a phenomenal skating game and almost a crime that the series never came to PC. While emulation isn’t the cleanest method of playing it right now, at least it’s an option for those who don’t own the PlayStation 3, or just want to revisit the game for a bit of fun.

What Else is Running?

The video of Skate 3 running on RPCS3 came from YouTuber reznoire, who also uploaded three more gaming videos. In the videos, we can see Dante’s Inferno, Resogun, and Daytona USA. All great games in their own respects, and while not running perfect, they certainly look playable in their current emulation state.

Where Can I Download Them?

We’re not going to tell you how to rip or download ISOs of the games, but you can head on over to the official website to download the required emulation software. A small word of warning though, it’s no walk in the park to get running, and you’ll want a fairly beefy PC to get half decent results.

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