Rumors Are That Apple Users Will Get The iOS 7.1 Update As Soon As March

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Apple users are anctiously awaiting for the upcoming iOS 7.1 firmware to be released. But apparently they don’t have a long time to wait, since latest news point to a launch date which is just a few weeks away. more specifically the iOS 7.1 is rumored to be released somewhere in March.

While the latest iOS 7.1 Beta5 has been released to developers a few days ago, we can assume that the next build will be a gold master, which is basically a final build that will be released to the public, or at least the final Beta6 build following the gold master release. This point to a few weeks left, or a moth at most before we will see the iOS 7.1 seeding to the public, considering that the iOS 7 had 6 beta builds before releasing it to the public.

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However, rumors point to the next build being iOS 7.1 GM, which apparently is said to drop unexpected and be released immediately. Nonetheless, iPhone and iPad (possibly iPod Touch as well if you still have one) owners will should expect the new firmware to release soon, packed with features such as iOS in the Car, Calendar View re-entry, new power buttons, UI tweaks, improvements to keyboard and other minor fixes and improvements.

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