Rumour: AMD’s Future 20nm GPU Architecture Called “Faraway”

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While all the attention with regards to AMD graphics has been around the release of the new Tonga GPU it appears that some new information has emerged and gone fairly unnoticed. One source is reporting that the codename for a future AMD GPU architecture has been revealed. The naming for that future GPU architecture is “Faraway Islands” which is rumoured to be the successor to Pirate Islands, both are to be based on the 20nm architecture and are slated for 2015 releases. This in itself is interesting information because it suggests AMD will stick with the 20nm process unlike Nvidia who are rumoured to be jumping to 16nm as soon as possible. It also begs the question why is AMD bothering with two 20nm GPUs if it knows Faraway Islands is superior to Pirate Islands, surely they should just opt for the superior one to start with. Faraway Islands is rumoured to be a unified GPU that will be used across all AMD’s GPU and APU products including graphics cards, APUs and their upcoming ARM SoCs.

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Of course, it could just all be one epic troll. Faraway easily splits up into Far Away, AMD’s new releases always seem to be far away so who knows!

Source: and WCCFTech, Via: Softpedia

Image #1 courtesy of AMD, Image #2 courtesy of WCCFTech

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  1. Big Laba Laba says:

    i just need OpenCL working on Blender 3D, so I dont need switch to nvidia

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