Rumour: Intel Devil’s Canyon Will Be Z87 Compatible

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Devil’s Canyon is the apparent codename for Intel’s newest unlocked K series CPUs that will probably be released on or around Computex 2014 in June according to widely circulated rumours. Devil’s Canyon is expected to include a Core i7 4790K and a Core i5 4690K both of which are supposedly based on Haswell architecture and part of “Haswell Refresh” series from which we’ve already seen a few locked CPUs released. We’ve heard from a lot of sources that there will not be backwards compatibility of Devil’s Canyon CPUs with 8 series motherboards (Z87, Z85, H87, H81, B85, Q87, Q85 etc) because of some hardware level changes in the CPU design such as the way power is delivered.However, one source reports that this is simply not the case and Devil’s Canyon will be compatible with 8 series motherboards.

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The lack of compatibility is apparently just a formal thing because the specification of the TDPs do not match up between the revised LGA 1150 socket spec on 9 series and the LGA 1150 8 series socket spec. Therefore Intel is obliged to state incompatibility between 8 series and Devil’s Canyon. However, the difference is a mere 4 watts and apparently motherboard vendors are already validating Devil’s Canyon CPUs in existing 8 series motherboards to great success. Devil’s Canyon is still a fourth generation processor design so Broadwell might still be incompatible with 8 series motherboards even if Devil’s Canyon is compatible. However, this latest development does also call that rumour into question as well.


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One Response to “Rumour: Intel Devil’s Canyon Will Be Z87 Compatible”
  1. Daniel Shafer says:

    Do they have any credible information related to if Devil’s Canyon will be released on June 2nd as speculated. The sites I have read are all using the same sources which are not credible. I fear that this is true though as apparently my pre-order from ShopBLT did not ship on the 30th as they originally speculated, although they may just not actually get it till the 2nd. I hope not, cause if so Devil’s Canyon will be a flop as nobody will end up buying it and instead will just wait for Broadwell.

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