Rumour: Intel to acquire Nvidia

/ 5 years ago

Bright Side of News’ Theo Valich said that there’s a rumour floating around that Nvidia and Intel are discussing about future developments such as cross licensing which was dismissed, but during Theo’s trip to the UAE, he reported that Intel could acquire Nvidia.

In reality, Nvidia is a much smaller company compared to Intel but Intel will greatly get a one-up advantage if they acquire Nvidia in the coming future, most possibly to compete against AMD’s APU lineups. When it comes to upper management, Nvidia’s current CEO Jen-Hsun Huang may become CEO for Intel if the acquisition happens.

Intel was planning to have GeForce powering up the graphics on Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge but sadly the deal never materialized.

A very shocking rumour indeed, and a rumour that is shockingly not from Semi-Accurate.

Source: Bright Side of News 


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    WTF?! No! Just no!

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