Rumour: iOS 8.2 to be Released Next Week

/ 3 years ago


A report from BGR says that iOS 8.2, an update that has been in beta for some time, could finally be released to users next week. The report suggests that Apple has finished its testing of the OS, which is to feature Apple Watch functionality.

The update is to include a companion app that will allow users to manage their Apple Watch remotely. There’s also the inclusion of WatchKit, which allows developers to build apps for the watch. The release of WatchKit brought a number of new details about the device, giving us an idea of how it will work. Some developers have already been showcasing their apps that are in development.

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iOS 8.2 isn’t the only update still in beta – iOS 8.3 is as well. That probably won’t be released until after the release of the watch, and focuses more on the iPhone and iPad themselves, rather than their new companion.

Source: BGR Via: MacRumors 

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