Rumour: Nvidia GTX 780 Has Direct X 12.0

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We have covered quite a few of these CPU-Z database leaks from Ocaholic recently. One showed us about an FX 8570 CPU and HD 8970 GPU and the other showed us a Haswell i7 4770K at 7GHz.Whether either of those turn out to be true is anyone’s guess. However, it looks like Ocaholid are onto ANOTHER interesting find. They have uncovered a CPU-Z validation that shows a GTX 780 running Direct X 12.0.

The GTX 780 part isn’t at all surprising as we all know it is coming at some point soon, but the Direct X 12.0 part? Very interesting indeed. On previous articles I have written, people have commented that these CPU-Zs are fake, photoshopped and all that usual jazz. However, it is worth pointing out that you cannot “fake” a CPU-Z validation otherwise it gets rejected, and I trust Ocaholic enough in this industry to assume they wouldn’t photoshop the validations. Either way it is possible to manipulate the CPU-Z validations slightly by changing product firmware, changing things in the BIOS, adjusting clock speeds, etc. Therefore I am not suggesting that any of these CPU-Z are entirely true, but they aren’t likely to be entirely fake either.

Why is Direct X 12.0 surprising? Well in a recent interview, AMD executive Roy Taylor said that there would be no Direct X 12 coming in the next generation of graphics cards. That was just over a month ago, so unless something pretty significant has changed in this time then it is possible this CPU-Z validation could be misleading us. Although it is quite possible too that Microsoft have commissioned a Direct X update for the next series of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, whether this is Direct X 12.0 is another matter. It could possibly be Direct X 11.2 and CPU-Z is displaying that as Direct X 12.0.

What are your thoughts on Direct X 12.0 coming with the GTX 780?


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10 Responses to “Rumour: Nvidia GTX 780 Has Direct X 12.0”
  1. Triso says:

    Don’t think that it will have dx 12, but maybe in may, that would be nice.

  2. d6bmg says:


    The marching of green team continues!!

    • Sneaky stuff from Ocaholic there blocking out the date!

      • ET3D says:

        That’s one reason I try to ignore rumours. Will the Xbox be always online? Will Windows 8.1 boot to the desktop? Why speculate when I can just wait a little and get an official answer. It’s not like speculating about this now will help me in any way.

        • Speculation is interesting and very often speculation does materialise into something real. And even if it doesn’t, then people still read it. The very fact you are commenting on this article proves it 😉

          • ET3D says:

            I’m not saying not to post it. 🙂 Sure, it’s interesting, I just don’t take it at face value and don’t attach too many emotions to it. I’m usually more interested in reading the emotional comments and making snide remarks than anything else. 🙂

  3. NickelDare says:

    I Still hope that someday developers will actually go for OpenGL and OpenCL instead of Crappy-X.

  4. Everaldo Alves says:


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