Rumour: Nvidia’s GTX 780 To Cost A Lot More On Launch Than The GTX 680

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Just under 2 weeks ago we learned of a pretty significant rumour that suggested Nvidia would be releasing the entire GTX 700 series in time for Computex 2012, starting at the end of May. Now some more details have emerged over the new flagship from the upcoming GTX 700 series of graphics cards. Apparently the new flagship, the GTX 780, will not be as affordable as the GTX 680 was at launch. For those who do not remember, the Nvidia GTX 680 launched with a price point of $499.99 MSRP in March. However, a fresh report from SweClockers suggests that the GTX 780, which is to be based on the GK110 silicon (the same as what the GTX Titan is based from), will actually command a significantly higher price than $499.99.

This is not surprising since Nvidia’s GTX Titan would lose a lot of value if the GTX 780 performed similarly but cost only $499.99 in relation to the GTX Titan’s MSRP of $999.99. It is because of this fact that the GTX 780 is more likely to be placed near the GTX Titan in terms of pricing – in the $900-$1100 region. This means the GTX 780 will be the most expensive flagship single GPU yet from any numbered Nvidia series, if we consider that the GTX Titan was an exceptional release not classified under any series.

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Other questions still remain though, like “will the GTX 780 be a rebranded GTX Titan?” and  “Will the GTX 780 be the rumoured GTX Titan Ultra?”. As with all rumours we stress that you take everything with a pinch of salt because plans can change quickly, and there might not even be any truth in these rumours at all.

That said, if these rumours are true, what are your thoughts on this revelation?


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4 Responses to “Rumour: Nvidia’s GTX 780 To Cost A Lot More On Launch Than The GTX 680”
  1. WhyCry says:

    We’re glad you like our image (original source:, but we find it unfortunate that you had to remove the watermark.

  2. eteknix says:

    its not your image

  3. Wayne says:

    As far as I can recall, the GTX680/670 was supposed to sport the GK110 silicon & not the GK104.

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