Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Have Aluminium Body

/ 5 years ago


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone is Samsung’s flagship phone and it costs an arm and a leg. Yet despite this it still features an entirely cheap feeling plastic body while competing smartphone vendors like HTC have already adopted a more premium aluminium unibody for its high-end smartphones which has very much been welcomed by customers.

Now according to some fresh rumours from Android Geeks Samsung is reportedly preparing a new design philosophy for the Samsung Galaxy S5. This will see it consider the adoption of a metal casing for its high end smartphones.  The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first Samsung smartphone to have this new feature.

While this is only a rumour and should be taken as such, it would still be something pretty cool to see. When you are spending around $700/£550 for a top-of-the-line smartphone you’d like to know it is being built from the best materials around and plastic certainly doesn’t fill you with joy. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung opt for aluminium or if they opt for a more advanced hybrid of other metals to give the new Galaxy S5 some interesting properties.

What do you think about metal cases? Do you prefer plastic or metal? Do you think it will make much difference to production costs?

Image courtesy of Samsung

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