Russian Apple Online Store Reopens

/ 3 years ago

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Bloomberg says that Apple has reopened its online store in Russia after those insane fluctuation in the country’s currency. The store now lists products at prices 35% higher.

“An iPhone 6 with 16 gigabytes of memory now costs 53,990 rubles ($956), Apple said today on its Russia website. The previous official price was 39,990 rubles,”

A certain number of economic sanctions have been placed on Russia in the past year following its decision to annex Crimea. This has of course led to a number of issues with the Russian economy, such as the recent and “extreme” fluctuations in the country’s currency. As a result, Apple effectively closed its online store in the country on December 16th.

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The company took the decision following what it described in a statement to Bloomberg as “extremely sharp” fluctuations in the currency.

Source: Bloomberg

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