Russian Woman Accidentally Shot Herself in the Head While Posing for a Selfie

/ 3 years ago


Well, this is definitely not something that you hear about every day. It looks like a 21-year-old woman from Russia managed to shoot herself in the head by accident while she was posing for a selfie. If you are wondering how this was even possible, I’m not going to blame you. Apparently, the young woman found the 9mm handgun in her office in Moscow, and she decided to take a selfie while pointing it at her head. Sadly, while she was focused on snapping the picture with one hand, she pressed the trigger by accident with the other.

After the incident, she was quickly rushed off to the Sklifosovsky hospital where doctors are doing their best to save her life. Naturally, the police are looking into how the woman managed to get the gun in the first place. The most plausible explanation is that a security guard had left the gun at the office a few weeks prior to the accident and then went on holiday. He could end up serving up to six months in jail for negligent storage of weapons, which just goes to show that you should always store your firearms properly. Oh, and never take a selfie with a gun. That’s just not smart.

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2 Responses to “Russian Woman Accidentally Shot Herself in the Head While Posing for a Selfie”
  1. Alex Jr says:

    9mm rubber bullet. She borrowed it from a cop, she didn’t “find” it.

  2. Roe_Ch says:

    Strange message. Did she take a gun for a handy – or what? Inprobable. I can not make sense out of this message.

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