Samsung 8GB modules show up

/ 6 years ago

Although support for 8GB modules in desktop motherboards has been around for a good while there has yet to be any single 8GB RAM modules show for the consumer desktop market. Most DRAM manufacturers have been producing 8GB modules for the server market only. But now Samsung has been selling its 8GB modules in the East Asian markets, but the price is nothing short of extortionate. The average 8GB DDR3-1333MHz kit costs around £40/€45/$55 but this 8GB DDR3-1333MHz samsung module is priced at 25,980 Yen or £210 which means that it is 400% more expensive for a single slot 8GB solution in comparison to a dual slot 8GB solution. There is no pricing information available on the 8GB SODIMM module unfortunately.

These RAM modules were being sold in the Japanese “Akihabara” market and there are both a SODIMM and DIMM variant of the two you can check the specifications of them below:

Enthusiasts in Europe and North America can expect to see these products soon and prices will almost certainly fall as production ramps up not only within Samsung but also at other companies.



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