Samsung accuses LG of stealing its OLED technology

/ 5 years ago

LG Display company has had six of its employees charged with theft of intellectual property from Samsung Mobile Display company. The six employees at LG display company leaked or stole Samsung mobile’s OLED technology and business “secrets”.

This comes after an indictment filled in the Suwon District court in South Korea states that two of the six accused LG employees used to be employees of Samsung mobile display company. Samsung mobile display company have requested a formal apology from LG Display company and the necessary procedures to be put in place that ensure such a scenario will not occur again in the future.

In an email sent out yesterday, Samsung Display Company said that LG display had systematically stolen Samsung’s OLED technology and essential staff in order to overcome its own shortcomings in its OLED development. LG said in response to this that the information obtained is no secret, and is just standard industry knowledge – therefore nothing was “stolen”. In further response to this campaign which LG display considers bad for its reputation, it is now opening legal proceedings against Samsung for defamation.

This is all quite surprising given that LG Display also merged with Samsung Display Co. this month.


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