Samsung announce 840 series SSD

/ 5 years ago

Samsung’s 830 series SSD has been one of the most popular additions to the SSD market in recent times after it parted ways with the traditional Sandforce-monotony and offered consumers something new. Now Samsung is ready with the successor to the 830 series, the 840 series. The Samsung 840 series will come in standard and Pro varieties with the Pro drives being more expensive with higher performance and better optimised for professional users.

Samsung’s MDX controller is what sets it apart from Marvell and Sandforce. We don’t know much about it, just that its multi-core ARM based and it performs a lot better than most Sandforce and Marvell drives – although the new LAMD controller SSDs from Corsair should give it stiff competition. The MDX controller doesn’t use overprovisioning meaning you’ll get 128/256/512GB SSDs instead of 120/240/480GB SSDs.

Samsung states the new 840 Pro series SSDs can deliver over 100K IOPS on random reads and 90K IOPS on random writes – impressive figures.

Samsung did not reveal pricing or speed details but expect the 840 series and 840 Pro series to hit the shelves in mid October through Samsung’s retail partners.

Source: Press Release

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