Samsung announce the Series 5 Ultrabook

/ 6 years ago

Samsung has recently unveiled the Series 5 Ultra, their latest high-performance ultrabook.

The Series 5 comes in two different models varying in screen size and thickness with the first model being 13.3″ and 14.9 mm thick while the second model is 14″ and 20.9 mm thick.

Powered by a yet unnamed Intel processor, up to 8GB of RAM can be installed, for storage you’re being given the choice between either a 500GB or 1TB hard drive or a 128GB solid state drive. Additionally, 8GB of ExpressCache memory ensures lower boot and access time with Samsung claiming under 2 seconds time for the ultrabook to come out of sleep mode.

The 14″ model benefits from a Radeon HD 7550M discrete graphics card and an optical drive however the 13.3″ version settles with an integrated Intel GPU and no optical drive.

Connectivity-wise, the Series 5 Ultra has Wifi, a webcam, two USB 3.0 ports as well as both D-Sub and HDMI outputs.

The Samsung Series 5 Ultra should see the light in South Korea by the end of the month, as for the other markets, early 2012 is to be expected. Pricing in Korea is said to range between US $1,121 and US $1,339.


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