Samsung Ships Fireproof Note 7 Recovery Boxes

/ 1 year ago

Galaxy Note 7

Over the past several months, we’ve been treated to one of the most dramatic stories yet for a smartphone. After the initial problems with the Note 7, Samsung started a massive recall and replacement problem that was supposed to fix the problem. Since then, it appears that the issue is not been resolved, forcing Samsung to cease production and sales and recall all of their nOte 7 devices. In a dramatic new twist, Samsung is now shipping special Note 7 Return Kits to return the phone.

The issue with the Note 7 has been with its fiery and explosive battery. In order to safely return the devices without burning some mail or postal trucks, Samsung is now providing owners of the Note 7 with a special “Recovery Box”. This box is lined with ceramic fiber paper which is meant to help retard the spread of any flames if the device ends up combusting during transportation. As an extra precaution, Samsung is also urging their customers to ship only with ground and not with air.


This somewhat drastic measure is due to that fact that some mail carriers have refused to handle the Note 7 altogether. With the new box, perhaps some may change their minds, The recovery box also has a prepaid shipping label so Samsung has likely found willing partners for their new procedure. As a final note, Samsung has also included safety gloves but I wouldn’t count on those saving your hands if your phone does catch fire. With a more serious approach, Samsung may be able to get through this debacle without too much more incident and nail down what is wrong with the Note 7.

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