Samsung Show Impressive Galaxy S4 Reliability Test Video

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While Samsung’s Galaxy S4 may be made of plastic, not metal like many had hoped, it is still a very well built smartphone. To prove this Samsung have just made a video about the reliability of the Galaxy S4 and while the entire video is in Japanese, you don’t really need to understand what is being said to understand what is going on.

Samsung proceeds to perform repetitive drop tests, free fall drop tests, a repetitive tumble test, a screen impact test, a cover glass strength test, a water sink test, a humidity and torture test, a static electricity test, a dust test and a salt water sauna test to top it all off. AND If that wasn’t impressive enough then the fact most Galaxy S4’s can survive all of this is incredibly impressive.

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Of course Samsung say that you shouldn’t try any of this at home which is hardly surprising, but it is great to know that if you do have an accident with your very expensive smartphone then it probably won’t die on you. I’m not sure how much of this is covered by your warranty as that probably varies between network carriers, but the fact Samsung tell you not to try this at home would probably suggest that their warranty doesn’t actually cover it.

What are your thoughts on this video? Pretty impressive? Or nothing special?

Image courtesy of Samsung

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  1. Jason K says:

    umm actually its korean not japanese

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