Samsung tops Nokia over top cellphone and over Apple in Smartphone brand this year

/ 5 years ago

In a report published by iSuppli, for the the first time in 14 years- Nokia lost its #2 ranking and was overtaken by Samsung in 2012.

In 2011, worldwide cellphone shipments from Samsung were 24% whereas Nokia dominated with 30% of the market, but this year it was the opposite story- Samsung has 29% of worldwide shipments in cellphones, whereas Nokia fell to 24%.

iSuppli continues by saying that Samsung built its success with a solid strategy for design and manufacturing and that the company produces dozens of new smartphone models every year throughout all segments of the market. As a result, it paid off in both low end to high end.

Nokia on the other hand was stuck during the process of migrating to the Windows’ OS which resulted in a decline of shipments. On top of it, sales of older Symbian devices also plunged so that Nokia phones powered by Windows 7 weren’t able to cover up for the losses during that time.

Since Samsung had a dominating market share in all price segments, low and high end smartphones, it was able to maintain these significant gains.

The biggest losers other than Nokia is Taiwan’s HTC and Canada’s RIM who both struggled through 2012. HTC had a battle with Samsung to try to grab the Android-powered smartphone market and it didn’t work. RIM on the other hand didn’t have a new version of its OS, and because of Apple and Android’s offering, even the most traditional enterprise consumers shifted sides which resulted in a steep drop, down to 5% this year.

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