Samsung Transparent displays due in September

/ 5 years ago

The UD22B and NL22B transparent displays were quietly unveiled by Samsung back at InfoComm 2012 earlier this year. Now a few months on we have found out that they are due for retail release in September.

“The UD22B is a 1:1 ratio LED square display that includes 21.6-inches of real estate and an ultrathin 5.5mm bezel – perfect for business owners looking to create a public display in retail, commercial and public locations. The seamless installation means up to 100 panels can be linked together to produce a single image across all displays.

Samsung’s 22-inch NL22B is a cube-shaped device that contains a transparent front panel with a computer built into the chassis. The company describes this as an all-in-one showcase product that will launch a new era of possibilities in digital retail design.”

Its great to see the world’s display market pushing forward with new innovations. Since the first introduction of the LCD many years ago, we’ve had:

  • LED technology which has revolutionised display power consumption, brightness and color vibrancy
  • IPS displays allowing for near 175 degree viewing angles
  • flexible AMOLED displays opening up the possibility for interactive magazines, newspapers and books
  • OLED display technology
  • huge advances in 3D displaying technology

Now with the introduction of Transparent displays from Samsung its yet another fantastic innovation for consumers. The transparent display will initially be taken up by retailers as a means of advertising products better, but as companies start to figure it out properly we could see a whole range of consumer goods featuring the technology.



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