Samsung trying harder to promote Galaxy Tab 10.1

/ 7 years ago

Since launching the Galaxy Tab tablet computer less than a year ago, Samsung has shipped over 6 million units. That said, Apple has sold 30 million iPad since April 2010 so Samsung are trying to step the game up.

Now that Samsung are bolstered by the latest Tab 10.1 version, released in June 2011, they are making another concerted effort into highlighting why their Tab is better than Apple’s, and by using every means they can to prove it.
Samsung reckons the Android-powered, 10.1in Galaxy Tab is lighter, faster and thinner than the Apple iPad and have produced 3 short advertising films that you may or may not have seen on TV yet:







Samsung in my view have actually produced some adverts that I could watch more than once without finding them annoying, boring or generally useless so all credit to them for that. They are however adamant that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 beats the Apple iPad hands down, but we’re not quite convinced.

We’d love to hear what you think, and really wish that both Apple and Samsung would just send us the latest tablets to us so that we can review them and tell you which is best, until that miracle-like day, we’ll just have to keep bringing you the latest news on them instead.

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4 Responses to “Samsung trying harder to promote Galaxy Tab 10.1”
  1. Leo Bien Durana says:

    Samsung is really pushing itself to the Tab business, but I gotta admit it, these are great commercials. Would love to see if it'll work in a month's time. :3

  2. SDickson says:

    I enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but tbh I'd much rather have an Alienware laptop 😛

  3. gaetan says:

    Indeed, great ads, although I wouldn't personally find any use to Tabs, so I prefer my Kindle for what I use it for 🙂

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