Samsung unveil high speed MicroSD cards

/ 6 years ago

Samsung today announced that it is now mass producing Ultra High Speed–1 (UHS-1) interface microSD cards that support the highest performance levels required on advanced LTE (Long Term Evolution) smartphones and tablets.

“MicroSD cards with a UHS-1 interface offer users an extremely high level of performance on their LTE smartphones and for other advanced mobile applications. This allows consumers to enjoy high-quality images and video playback directly from the memory cards, which fully support the advanced performance features of diverse digital gadgets,” said Wanhoon Hong, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics. “Our UHS-1 card demonstrates how Samsung plans to continually expand its line-up of memory cards in accommodating the market need for higher densities and greater performance.”

The new UHS-1 memory card comes in a 16 GB) density. It is comprised of Samsung’s 20nm 64Gb toggle DDR 2.0 devices and an advanced Samsung controller supporting the UHS-1 interface. According to internal tests, the new 16 GB UHS-1 microSD card has a maximum sequential read speed of 80MB/s. This is more than four times the read speed of today’s advanced microSD cards, which operate at 21 MB/s.Initial production of the 16 GB UHS-1 microSD cards began late last month.

Source: PR

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