Samsung Will Reveal Tizen OS 3.0 On November 11th

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The Tizen OS is essentially a WebKit runtime running on top of the open source Linux Kernel, developed with key industry players like Intel, Samsung and the Linux Foundation. So far in 2013 it has popped up a few times, first we saw a full HD Tizen tablet released by Systena and then again a few days ago when we saw a Samsung smartphone show up with the Tizen OS running on it. Tizen so far has received a lacklustre response but the OS is still very much in its early development stages. Samsung has announced that its next incarnation of the Tizen OS will be introduced on November 11th at a developer conference in South Korea. At that conference Samsung will reveal its proprietary Tizen 3.0 operating system.

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Samsung have reportedly said that they have no intention of releasing any Tizen smartphones this year, probably because Samsung doesn’t think Tizen is ready to take on the likes of Android, Windows phone and iOS. Samsung is expected to demonstrate the Tizen platform in the UK shortly after doing so in South Korea when Samsung holds its annual European developer conference in London.

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4 Responses to “Samsung Will Reveal Tizen OS 3.0 On November 11th”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    I recently heard Samsung were seriously looking to jack up their software side of things. Who knows, maybe they can become a player in the mobile OS market in the future.

  2. Alistair Hardy says:

    Think about the app developers.
    there are currently 2 OS’s that have to be covered, Plus one you should really cover if you can (Windows)
    now it looks like we have Firefox, Ubuntu and Tizen to add to the list?
    Granted, they’re all Linux based, so in theory it shouldn’t be that hard to port android apps over but it’s never that simple.

    • Yeh I was going to say Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Android are easy because they are mainly Linux based. Tizen is kind of like Linux but then kind of not because its a layered level operating system running on a Linux base (however it is still within Linux). iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS are the difficult ones because they are based on a Unix/FreeBSD hybrid, Windows CE/NT and Java VM respectively. If anyone’s making it difficult for developers, it is Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry.

      • Alistair Hardy says:

        Very much true,
        iOS and BB OS are probably the worst of the two in that respect as they’re manufacturer specific OS’s.
        Windows technically isn’t a manufacturer specific OS, however, other than Nokia, i haven’t heard anyone developing for it currently.
        However iOS balances that by being a rather large eco system that ships a lot of devices.

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