Sandisk Ultra 240GB SATA II Solid State Drive Review

/ 6 years ago

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No matter who you are, you should be more than aware of SanDisk, whether you have a camera or a mobile phone that takes a memory card, you would have most likely used a SanDisk memory card at some point. What you may not know is that SanDisk were one of the first to release an SSD to the general market with the U5000 32GB SSD back in 2007.

Since this time, SanDisk went a bit quiet on the SSD front and have had their focus on other areas of the market, mainly with mass producing memory cards and similar based products. 2011 however, we see them returning to the SSD market with the SanDisk Ultra SATA II Solid State Drive.

The Ultra may not jump out at you when you hear that it utilises a SATA II interface, but it’s worth noting that the average user out there doesn’t even know what SATA III is, let alone having it on their system. The cold hard truth is that the majority of computers in the mass market only have SATA II capabilities, so why flood the market?

With that out the way, it’s worth looking at the main area of this drive, which is all about the internals as you’d expect. Not only does this drive feature the famous Sandforce controller, but also includes SanDisks very own asynchronous NAND flash memory, which is quite a big acomplishment in its own right.

An exciting time is upon us when we see a new set of memory chips come on the market, and we’re interested to see how they perform when we get down to it, but first we should have a look at what you get included when you buy this brand new product from SanDisk.

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5 Responses to “Sandisk Ultra 240GB SATA II Solid State Drive Review”
  1. Kennysvg says:

    There is some incorrect info at the bottom of the Crystal Disk Mark page.

  2. Ron says:

    Sandis does not make their own NAND chip. The OEM provider is Toshiba.

  3. Meh says:

    Oh yeah, Give it an innovation award, for just turning up. Don't think i'll be trusting any of YOUR reviews….

    • We gave the innovation award more to SanDisk as a company, than the product. Purely because they are aiming at a huge market. SATA II is still more widely used than SATA III and because of that, they are offering a slower product that can hopefully come down in price to align itself within an affordable market.

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