Sandy Bridge-E processors to ship with optional Liquid Coolers

/ 6 years ago

Intel has confirmed its intentions to ship the Sandy Bridge-E processors with optional liquid coolers. The i7 3000 series processors will be bundled with Asetek made Intel branded liquid coolers which will give supreme overclocking capabilities right out of the box versus stock Intel air coolers which are only adequate for stock or close to stock clock speeds. The liquid cooler has a 12cm fan and radiator which is blue LED lit to represent the Intel branding. The kit will be however sold separately so if you do not want a cooler because you already own one there is no requirement to pay the extra cost for it. The addition of these kits mean that Intel’s i7 3000 series processors should be very good overclockers maybe even pushing towards the 5.5GHz-6GHz stable operation range when cooled with these liquid units.



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