Sapphire Unveil Vapour-X CPU Cooler At Computex 2012

/ 5 years ago

Computex 2012: Many times across our graphics card reviews, we have praised Sapphire’s cooling department on their Vapour-X technology and its effectiveness in cooling their graphics cards. Until we popped into the Sapphire suite in the Nangang convention centre, we had no idea that Sapphire had developed a CPU cooler based on the Vapour-X chamber design.

Nestled in a plastic frame, the Vapour-X cooler has two 120mm fans in a push-pull configuration with four heatpipes that connect the vapour chamber on the base to the heatsink above.

In a display stand to the side of the cabinets where Sapphire had all their consumer graphics cards and motherboards on display, we find the cooler installed into a system where we can see it in action, also showing that tow fans light up in Sapphires colour – blue. On the top of the cooler, the Vapour-X branding also lights up to add a finishing touch to the unit. There are no words on pricing at this moment, but if their GPU cooling is anything to go by, this product has a lot going for it.

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