Scared of the Next Heartbleed? Dashlane Can Change Your Passwords Easily

/ 3 years ago


After the Heartbleed bug decimated OpenSSL security across the web, users are understandably fearful of a reprisal. As a preventative measure, Dashlane are releasing a tool to allow users to reset passwords for up to 75 popular sites, such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, at the click of a button. The software is in beta, and only available on desktop at present, but a mobile app is expected to follow.

As of yet, Dashlane has no way of confirming, after a website has been breached, that the vulnerability has been patched, making a change of password potentially redundant. A Dashlane spokesperson advises that, should such a vulnerability be found, the user should update their passwords immediately, then change them again a few weeks later, by which point any security holes should be fixed. “Obviously that’s something we can’t control,” The spokesperson said. “We can’t go to 500 million websites and say, oh, have you patched yet?”

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The Dashlane software is available for free download from

Source: Pando Daily

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