Scythe Release Grand Kama Cross 2 Top Flow CPU Cooler

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You rarely see anything exciting or new in the top down cooler space but Scythe’s Grand Kama Cross 2 certainly changes that. This is the second incarnation of Grand Kama Cross series and is based on the same uniquely shaped heat sink design. The X structure also allows the bulk of the heatsink mass to be located in the centre and the upward sloping edges mean RAM compatibility and motherboard compatibility is greatly improved. The heatsink has four copper heatpipes that appear to be 6mm. These feed into two separated heatsink blocks which are both ventilated by a downward flowing 140mm Scythe Glide Stream fan. The fan ranges between 37.18CFM/13dBA to 97.18CFM/30.7dBA supporting PWM between 500 and 1300 RPM.

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Interestingly the fan sits on its own frame which is secured to the capped heatpipes. The fan comes with an anti-vibration rubber frame design. The mounting system is Scythe’s “Hyper Precision Mounting System” (H.P.M.S.) supporting all the latest Intel and AMD sockets (including LGA 2011, FM1/2, AM3 and LGA 115X). The heatsink measures in at 175,2 x 140 x 140 mm (W x H x D), 2mm less than its predecessor and the weight is 760 grams, 10 grams more than its predecessor.

The Scythe Grand Kama 2 will retail for €30.50 excluding taxes.

Image courtesy of Scythe

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  1. Wayne says:

    It does look unusual. I’m intrigued by the fan.

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