Sea Sonic launches new Platinum series of PSUs

/ 5 years ago

The new lineup of Sea Sonic’s Platinum series will span the output range of 400 to 1200 watts. All units of the family come equipped with our patented Fully Modular DC Cable design that maximizes output, ensures the stability of the crucial 12V rail and, at the same time, provides ease of integration and ensures forward compatibility.

  • Platinum 400 W / 460 W / 520 W FANLESS – Silent performance
  • Seasonic has upgraded The X-400 and X-460 Fanless models from 80 Plus Gold to 80 Plus Platinum, and a new 520W Fanless model also joins the Platinum family.
  • Platinum 660 W / 760 W / 860 W – Ultra performance and efficiency
  • Platinum 1000 W / 1200 W (coming soon) – High-end gaming and overclocking

Sea Sonic’s highly efficient power supplies in the Platinum 660 W to 1200 W range are top performers that at lower loads can operate absolute silently in semi-fanless mode. As an additional feature, all these units are equipped with a selector switch that enables users to choose between traditional fan control (S2FC) and semi-fanless mode (S3FC). This sophisticated S3FC design ensures that the fan will only start spinning at loads greater than 30% of the maximum load.

Source: TechPowerUp

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