Search and Rescue Operations to Get Assistance from Robot Snake

/ 4 years ago

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A team of engineers in Israel have developed a new search and rescue robot to help them search dangerous sites. The new snake-like robot is capable of crawling through rubble to aid in the search of people and more, and it’s especially adept at tight spaces where a human could not search.

The snake robot is perfect for searching under collapsed buildings and that has obvious benefits to saving time, when it comes to saving lives in these kinds of situations, knowing where to dig can mean the difference between life and death for those trapped in the rubble.

Amir Shapiro’s lab at Ben-Gurion University in the Israeli city of Beersheba is no stranger to creating robots, and Mr Shapiro’s robots are often funded for the Israeli Army who often deploy his creations, and the new snake-bot is likely going to aid in the army search and rescue efforts in the very near future.

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Thank you Telegraph for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Telegraph.

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