Seasonic Announce Which Of Their Power Supplies Are Haswell Ready

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We have already seen Corsair and Enermax come out to publish a list of their Haswell compatible power supplies, and now one of the biggest power supply OEMs has done the same – Seasonic. Seasonic have made a press release to clarify which of its retail power supply units are compatible, they didn’t specify compatibility for OEM partner models.

Seasonic claim that their entire line up of 80 Plus Platinum and Gold power supplies have been designed to meet the new Haswell standard. Seasonic also claims its “X Series” of power supply is also Haswell ready and their 80 Plus Bronze line up is too.

To summarise more clearly the following Seasonic Power Supply series are Haswell C6/C7 compatible:

  • Platinum Series
  • X Series
  • G Series
  • M12II Bronze Series
  • S12II Bronze Series
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Seasonic makes no mention of the following retail power supply series, so we can assume these are incompatible:

  • M12D Series

Given that Seasonic are also the OEM that produce a lot of other power supplies on the market, this is good news indeed. I am not quite sure why the 80 Plus Bronze power supplies retain Haswell C6/C7 compatibility yet the 80 Plus Silver M12D Series do not, but I guess that is just the luck of the draw.

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3 Responses to “Seasonic Announce Which Of Their Power Supplies Are Haswell Ready”
  1. Wayne says:

    I’m not convinced that older PSU’s that do not support the enhanced C6/C7 states is that big a problem.

    • Not a problem at all. Just another marketing gimmick for PSU manufacturers 😛 actually without being too cynical it is a nice way for people to save a bit of extra power but not having it will make minimal difference to the user experience

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