Self-Cleaning & Self-Powered Smart Keyboard Identifies Its User

/ 3 years ago

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Passwords are an easy and convenient way to prevent unauthorised access to our data, but it might not be the best as many recent stories have shown us. Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Technology have now created a new smart keyboard to improve on this flaw.

The smart keyboard can be used as any other keyboard, but it does a lot more. It is self-powered simply by collecting the energy used by the user when pressing the buttons to type and it also repels dust and dirt through the generation of a micro-current.

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The really awesome feature is that it can detect who is typing and lock out unauthorized access. By measuring not only the typing speed, but also the pressure applied and typing pattern, it knows if you’re authorized. Even knowing a password to login won’t help you anymore as the keyboard will lock you out of the system. It will even store the data entered by the unauthorized user for you to evaluate when he’s running for the hills.

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3 Responses to “Self-Cleaning & Self-Powered Smart Keyboard Identifies Its User”
  1. Shane Edwards says:

    And after a few drinks while playing my PC keyboards locks my system until I sober up Sign me up…

  2. Guest says:

    Or you know…Just plug in a regular smart keyboard…

  3. Sparker22 says:

    or you know…Just plug in a regular keyboard.

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