Sennheiser Announces HD 820 Headphones with Gorilla Glass

/ 2 months ago

Sennheiser Announces HD 820 Headphones with Gorilla Glass

While Gorilla Glass is commonly known for phone and laptop screens, it has now found its way on Sennheiser‘s latest HD 820 headphones. The HD 820 is a closed back headphone targetting the high-end market. It actually looks like an open back on first glance. That is until you realize that the Gorilla glass side provides a full view of the inner workings. The view from the side clearly shows the large Ring Radiator transducers. It takes the term “transparent-sounding” to a whole new level. The company describes the HD 820’s sound as vivid, transparent and natural. It has a wide sound field and goes beyond what one would expect from a closed circumaural headphone.

The entire headphone weighs 360 grams without the cable. The connector is actually a 4.4 mm Pentaconn stereo jack plug and it also comes with an XLR-4 connector cable. The ear coupling goes around the ear and cables are impedance-matching with low capacitance. The headphone also features handcrafted ear pads providing attention to detail required for high-end products. The headband also has a metal frame with an inner damping element. This results in comfortable listening that sits as naturally as the sound coming out of it.

Sennheiser Announces HD 820 Headphones with Gorilla Glass

For more information and the full specifications, visit the official product page:

Pricing Information and Availability

The Sennheiser HD 820 is now available for pre-order directly from Since it is a high-end headphone, expect to shell out $2,399.95 before taxes. It comes with free shipping though.

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