Senseg announce a revolutionary haptic touchsreen

/ 6 years ago

Senseg, a touchscreen display developer, has revealed the prototype of its revolutionary haptic touschreen displays. These displays are basically touchscreen capable of reproducing the feel of  the surface it is reproducing.

To give you an example, by reproducing the image of silk, touching the screen will give you the feeling of touching silk, same goes for rock and so on. Senseg have already named it the “Feel Screen” and it’s already backed by a 4D display technology in which images consist of “tixels”, pixels with touch-texture information.

Like every touchscreen, the Feel Screen is a layered display composed of the LCD at its lowermost, a touchscreen layer above that and the addition of the haptic layer on top that generates mild electrostatic fields. Touch-textures are created by making and manipulating an attractive force between the finger and that electrostatic field. The screen can reproduce surface textures and create the sensation of vibrations.

Senseg owns all patents related to this unique technology, some of which could be the most valuable ones related to how Senseg designed the electrostatic haptic layer.

Sanseg also stated that they will be able to mass produce displays based on this technology in 2012 to later market them by 2013.


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