Set Solution Reveals Its Concepts Of The iPhone Air and iPhone 6C

/ 4 years ago


Set Solution has revealed a couple of videos of how they think the new iPhone Air and iPhone 6C would look like, releasing two videos with their creation. In one, they details the heavy rumored “iPhone Air”, and in the other it shows us the iPhone 6C(olor).

The videos offer some beautiful renderings, particularly of the imagined iPhone Air, which it posits would be 1.5 millimeters thin at the top and 3 millimeters thick at the bottom, weigh 70 grams, and feature an edge-to-edge glass display.


The iPhone 6C concept features a number of different colors like the iPhone 5C, but a pronounced curve on the screen similar to that of the LG G Flex, though the back is flat. Some of these videos have been floating around for a while, but are worth a look.

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While the videos are impressive, they are no way based in reality, and perhaps a little too good to be true. They also aren’t the first concept videos to take a crack at an iPhone Air.
We’ll see if Apple comes out with something that looks like the products in these videos, or perhaps something that looks even better.

Thank you Cnet for providing us with this information
Videos courtesy of Cnet

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