Seven new mobile APUs from AMD

/ 6 years ago

We already know AMD has introduced its HD 7000M series of graphics cards for the mobile market which will have mid range to high performance mobile performance. While AMD is now introducing the mobile APUs to assist the low to mid range mobile performance market. The new APUs will be based off the 32nm CPU production process and the 40nm GPU process, featuring four new Quad cores and three new Dual cores. AMD is using the ‘MX’ branding to symbolize more performance and higher power consumption at 45W whilst the ‘M’ branding is used for all other mobile parts which stick to a lower 35W TDP.

The fastest ‘MX’ part, the A8-3550MX, has four cores at 2GHz with 4MB of L2 cache and HD 6620G graphics clocked at 444MHz all on an impressive TDP of 45W. Whilst the fastest ‘MX’ dual core part is the A4-3330MX at 2GHz with 2MB of L2 Cache and HD 6480G graphics on the same 45W TDP. There is no pricing yet on these parts but the APUs always seem to offer good value for money so expect these units to turn up in laptops and notebooks sometime next year in competitive price brackets.

Source: CPU World

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