Sharkoon announces two new mATX gaming cases

/ 6 years ago

Sharkoon has announced a new set of Micro ATX form factor gaming cases. They have taken caution to ensure it can be labelled a “Gaming Case” by making sure it can support very large video cards, in fact it can support cards of up to 14″ in length which means you can even get a beastly HD 6990 in there. The Sharkoon MS120 mATX and the Sharkoon 140 mATX are targeted directly towards the gaming market  particularly those looking for a practical, high airflow case that is also portable. The MS 120 case comes with two 120mm blue LED fans while Sharkoon 140 uses a single 140mm blue LED fan. Both cases are finished with a black coat inside and out. They both have identical front panels, standard audio ports, three USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0.

The expansion bays are well thought out a single external 5.25″ drive bay, a single external 3.5″ drive bay and four more 3.5″ drives or six 2.5″ drives.  To fit in large graphics cards one of the hard drive areas must be removed halving your storage capabilities so you still get the externals but instead of having four 3.5″ you would only get two 3.5″ to give you that extra video card space. There is room for a bottom filter protected fan of 120mm, side 120mm fan and a rear fan of 80mm or 92mm but in affixing a bottom fan you must consider the choice of fan and graphics card as there may be space constraints. For clarification all of the aforementioned descriptions apply for both cases, the only real difference MS140 lacks one fan and is slightly smaller in size.


  • Sharkoon MS120 mATX: MSRP €34.90
  • Sharkoon MS140 mATX: MSRP €29.90

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