Shit Apple Fanatics Say Part 1

/ 5 years ago


With the launch of the new iPhone nearly upon us, and me being a massive Apple fanboy, at least when it comes to iDevices as I simply hate Mac, I thought that it be fitting to let a little humour in by showing a funny video simply labeled as “Shit Apple Fanatics Say”.

This is part 1 of the videos and we will be publishing up part 2 shortly, but we simply couldn’t resist as most of what is said relies back to the truth from what we’ve all heard down the pub or at a social gathering of sorts.

As we all know from the age old joke of; “How do you know if someone has an iPhone? They tell you” and this video plays on exactly the same ruse of comedy and amusement.

On a side note, we do have to mention that this looks best on an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV to get the best effect, though we could just be joking, but who knows?

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